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Immersive Cultural Experience

Cultural Dance Performances:
Embark on a cultural odyssey aboard our cruise, where the spirited beats of Iban rhythms to the graceful moves of the Orang Ulu, the storytelling elegance of the Bidayuh, the enchanting traditions of Melanau, and the joyful celebration in Sarawak Joget unfold, weaving a tapestry of Borneo’s rich heritage on our deck. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Sarawak’s diverse traditions.

Sape Performance:
Let the soulful tunes of the Sape transport you to the heart of Sarawak’s rainforests, where the traditional lute instrument creates melodies that resonate with the spirit of the land.

Live English Commentary:
Enhance your cruise experience with insightful commentary, provided in English, offering cultural context, historical anecdotes, and fascinating details about the landmarks along the Sarawak River.

Light Refreshments:
Indulge in free-flowing cordial drinks and the renowned Sarawakian Kek Lapis, a sweet treat that complements the cultural richness of your journey.

Royal Kuching Cruise Highlights

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Sarawak Sunset Bliss
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Live English Commentary
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Live Cultural Entertainment
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360° Panoramic Scenery
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Tailored Events, Culinary Delights
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